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I use a linux box that I can connect to to tunnel trafic to a PC that I
can't normally connect to.

On that pc (WinXp) I am running windows ftp server. But because of the new
port opening that is done during normal ftp transfers I can't connect. Is
there any ftp or like server I can install to get around this? I have WinSCP
as a client if that will work.


Re: ftp with ssh

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Here's a few options, in approximate order of difficulty:

a) some SSH clients understand enough of the FTP protocol to forward the
required ports.  OpenSSH doesn't, nor (I think) PuTTY.  I think Tectia
does, not sure about others.

b) If your FTP client and server support passive mode, and your FTP
client support SOCKS (or can be SOCKSified), then you can use a SSH
client with "Dynamic" port forwarding to port forward FTP.  This will
work with OpenSSH and PuTTY and probably some others.

c) You can forward SMB-over-TCP over SSH if you're careful, and thus you
can attach to SMB file shares over SSH.  I think there are some messages
in the archive for this group with the details.

d) you could install an SSH server on the Windows box, then use a 2-hop
SSH connection and sftp/scp/whatever.

e) you could use either smbclient or smbmount on the Linux box to either
transfer files to/from the Windows box, or mount a file share on the
Linux box.

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Re: ftp with ssh

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Thank you! I have some great leads now!

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