FTP through Secure Tunnel SSH SSL Questions - PLEASE help :-)

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We have an application that sends files via ftp to various servers
(win and unix).  Some clients have now requested that we use a secure
ftp method for the control channel and the data.  What options do I
have?  Do I have to have a ftp secure server running?  Do the server I
am going to connect to need some special key software?  I would prefer
the following if possible, install some sort of software on the
application server that will support secure ftp, and then install some
sort of client software on the server receiving the information. Also,
the software has to be accessible through a command prompt.

It would be nice if the command prompt/ftp client supported:
- Must support a command-line mode.
- The command-line mode must accept a batch-file parameter that allows
it to process multiple commands in one connection session.
- The command-line mode should accept a parameter that allows it to
operate in either active or passive mode.
- The FTP commands used within the batch-file should be the same as
when you are running the FTP client interactively.  eg. BIN, USER,
- Must support encryption: SSL and/or SSH.
- Would be nice if it had some kind of error notification system.  eg.
logging to a Db file, or raising an  event.
- Would be nice if it had an API for .NET (implemented as a component
- not as a class).
- Would be nice if the API supported Asynchronous transfer and could
dynamically specify a .Net Handler for FTP events (like transferring a
chunk, or transfer finished).

Thanks, Jane

Re: FTP through Secure Tunnel SSH SSL Questions - PLEASE help :-)

Interflex wrote:

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Go get a copy of the new O'Reilly Linux Security Cookbook: this is
discussed in some detail. I'd recommend OpenSSH based SSH servers on the
various servers, using CygWin if you need it for Windows machines, and
maybe add the chroot cage patches for UNIX/Linux servers.

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