ftp port forwarding?

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Ok, so I would like to try the following:

client(s) <---> A <---> B (ftp-server)

When clients connect to a specified port on host A, A forwards
that port through a ssh tunnel to the ftp-server at B. It should
be transparent to the clients. It should also be able to handle
more than one connection at the time.

1. client X connect to host A at port 3434.
2. host A forwards that port through a tunnel to host B
3. B is the chatting with the ftp-server and tunneling all
   ftp-traffic back to A.

Is there a way to do this with ssh? Or is IPSec a better solution?

Also, - is there a ratio patch to sftp-server (openssh)? I've been
unable to find one.


Lars Strand

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