free ssh server for xp?

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does there exist any free/GPL SSH server that would run as an XP/2k
system service?

My PC is booted either into suse linux or XP, and I'd like to have
remote access into both OS's, and tunnel X or VNC over SSH.

I've already cygwin apps installed (mspgcc, Acronis TrueImage) so
with the awful mess that cygwin is, installing more cygwin apps like
sshwindows breaks the other installs.

On the commercial side I already tried Bitvise winsshd 4.06 trial,
it bluescreens XP if I telnet(!) to it.

So, anyone know if there are free non-cygwin ssh servers?

  - Jan

Re: free ssh server for xp?

Jan Wagner wrote:

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umm you mean like be booted into suse and access the XP stuff?  Because
that won't work, you can only have one of the operating systems running
at the same time.  If you install NTFS support for suse, you can see
everything on that partition (don't think it is able to modify stuff on
the NTFS file system but you can see it and pull it up) and using wine
or another emulater you can run programs but you can't run both OSes at
the same time (at least not to my knowledge)

I may be reading your question wrong though, you will have to clarify some.


Re: free ssh server for xp?

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OpenSSH does if you're running cygwin.

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I don't follow.  I run cygwin constantly, but I don't know what those
two apps you mention are.

Since you're already running cygwin, can't you just add OpenSSH and
cygrunsrv and you're done?

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I don't know of any.  There appears to be an installer that is OpenSSH
with cygwin, but wrapped in a way that you don't have to deal with the
normal cygwin installs.  Since I'm already running cygwin, I haven't
tried it.  (I think that might be the 'sshwindows' you mentioned).

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Re: free ssh server for xp?

There is a version of OpenSSH at SourceForge that is combined with a
striped down version of Cygwin.  I use it on my laptop and it works
quite well, you don't even know that Cygwin is there.  It runs as a
service, and is quite reliable.

Re: free ssh server for xp?

yddraig wrote:
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Thanks everyone! I ended up installing OpenSSH for Windows, it works
well. :) Though now there are multiple cygwin1.dll's on my XP
system, luckily no problems have shown up yet, seems to go fine.

  - Jan

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