Forwarding audio/music or generic devices?

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Any idea how to tunnel /dev/dsp and /dev/mixer through an SSH tunnel?

It would be cool if I could run my favourite mp3 manager on my home desktop
but listen on my work desktop. The advantage over just mounting the mp3
directory through an SSH tunnel would be that I preserve playlists/collections,
the rating and similar stuff that "amarok" stores somewhere under ~/.kde/



Re: Forwarding audio/music or generic devices?

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Since it's easy to tunnel TCP connections, one obvious approach is
to convert output to /dev/dsp into output via a TCP connection, and
tunnel that instead.

With that in mind, if I wanted to do something like this, I'd
probably start by looking into network-based audio servers: aRts,
ESD, NAS, that sort of thing. If you could get your mp3 manager to
output to what it thinks is an audio server, but which is actually
an SSH port-forwarding to an audio server run on your work machine,
that might be the easiest way.

Failing that, you might kludge around the same concept by
LD_PRELOADing a library into your mp3 manager which intercepted
attempts to open /dev/dsp and converted them into network
connections to a forwarded port, but I'd guess that probably
wouldn't work so well, not to mention that it would take a lot more
work even to try it.

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Other things to bear in mind if you try this:

 - streaming of MP3 media into your company network might violate
   company IP policy (I think it would if I did it at _my_ company,
   at least)

 - streaming MP3 data over a TCP connection might turn out not to
   work well in real-time, leading to pauses and glitches in the

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