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I'm thinking about coding up a software system along the lines of the

In short, I want it to be a highly tunable program for doing data

1) Securely, if desired
2) easily
3) quickly, possibly delayed somewhat by security and reliability
4) reliably (or at least, if there were a problem, the user should know
   about it)
5) Incrementally (like with rsync or unison) and absolutely (like with
   tar, cpio, &c)

It may be a command line program, or it may have a gtk GUI, or both.

It'd almost certainly be in python, since that's my favorite language for
most projects, especially I/O-bound projects.  :)

Anyway, my question is, how would -you- design such a thing?

Would you use sftp-serv in some way?  Would you extend sftp-serv, or would
you borrow ideas from sftp-serv and go your own way, code-wise, on the
remote end?

Would you try to multiplex all of this stuff that's going on in parallel,
into a single ssh/rsh/&c session, or would you open multiple sessions -
assuming that the user has set up passwordless rsh/ssh/whatever.  If you
favor multiplexing, is there some sort of library or something that
already implements this?

The code would be released under an opensource license, natch.  :)


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