F-SECURE /usr/local/sbin/sshd

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What's the correct filemode for this binary ?  I searched the web.
I've seen one installed as -rws--x--x root sys and I hope that's a mistake.
It's version 1.3.6, not that it probably matters.

This has obvious problems with the command-line arguments which include
the selection of config file:

    umask 0 && /usr/local/sbin/sshd -f /somewhere/my_sshd_config -p 2222 -q

and stuff in that config file gets used including the creation of the
PidFile of your choice as root, mode 0666.  Or the obliteration of some
formerly-sensible file.

Also CAN-2001-0144 mentions F-SECURE sharing some problems with other SSH
implementations - no big surprise given the common code origins.  What's
the truth of the assertion that they do not suffer from the September 2003
problems ?  Any test results available either way ?

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Re: F-SECURE /usr/local/sbin/sshd

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I can't see any reason why sshd would need to be setuid.  Some versions
of ssh needed to be setuid/setgid as they needed to read private host
keys, so perhaps this was done in error.  0755 (or 0500 if you're
paranoid) would seem right.

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Which September 2003 problems are you referring to?  CAN-2003-0693?

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