Exchange 5.5 & SSH Port Forwarding

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Has Anyone had any success in getting Microsoft Outlook to talk to an
Exchange server 5.5 via SSH & Port Forwarding?

We already have SSH setup which allows our staff access to POP, IMAP, SQL,
NNTP & SQL, however i'd like to be able to allow staff access directly to
their Exchange mailbox for use of the calendar & public folders etc.

I've seen the MS Tech document which tells you how to get Exchange to use
static ports, however it still uses port 135 (RPC) & when i try & forward
this to the Exchange server from my Client PC i get an error that 135 is
already in use. :-(

Any idea's or has anyone managed to do the above? Am using OpenSSH for
Windows & the SSH Secure Shell Client.

Thanks in advance. (please cc any responses to if



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