exactly the same config file works when used in ~/.ssh/config, but not when passed on the ...

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The subject line pretty much covers it.  I have config file which works gre
at when in  my .ssh dir.  When I pass the same file name via the "-F" optio
n, it fails.

So, why not just use the .ssh/config file and forget about passing on the c
ommand line?  These are all virtual hosts on AWS.  I constantly re-generate
 these config files to match the various collections of hosts.  Putting the
m all into my .ssh/config file isn't practical.  

I *think* it is related to /etc/ssh_config is not used when a file name is  
passed on the command line.

Here are the contents:

host test-bastion-01
     batchmode yes
     passwordauthentication no
     identityfile ~/.ssh/id_rsa
     ForwardAgent yes
     user ubuntu
     proxycommand none
host test-remote-01
     user root
     proxycommand ssh -qaYy test-bastion-01 'nc -w 14400 %h %p'
host test-remote-02
     user ubuntu
     proxycommand ssh -qaYy test-bastion-01 'nc -w 14400 %h %p'
host *
     ServerAliveInterval 60
     UserKnownHostsFile /dev/null
     ForwardAgent yes
     StrictHostKeyChecking no
     controlmaster auto
     controlpersist 8h

Any ideas?

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