Establish a persistent connection using PuTTY

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I am trying to establish SSH tunnels from both Macs (OS X) and Windows
clients to a Mac OS X machine hosting several FileMaker databases.

On the Macs I am implementing a login hook at startup that amounts to typing
the following into Terminal:

ssh -L 5003:ServerIPaddress:5003 -f -N username@ServerIPaddress

The -f -N is supposed to establish a persistent tunnel once the password has
been entered.  Once the tunnel is open I access a the server from within
FileMaker using the local loopback port:  When the tunnel is open
the databases show up perfectly.

I've been able to make this work in PuTTY, but not when I try and
incorporate the -f -N commands.  I do not want a Terminal window sitting
open in front of my end users.  If I try and incorporate the -f -N the
terminal window disappears, but the tunnel does not remain open.

Any ideas on how to do this?  Or other suggestions for making this work on
the PC side?

Thanks in advance.


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