Error using x11vnc through SSH

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I've got a setup where I can succesfully connect via SSH to a remote
computer, after which I start x11vnc over there and connect to it via
VNC locally. The command I'm using is this:

ssh -p 8432 (user@remotehost) -L 1111:localhost:5900

8432 is the port I have SSH running on on the remote computer. I'm
forwarding the remote port 5900 for VNC to the local port 1111 and
then connecting to this in VNC (vnc://localhost:1111). This worked for
a while, but I'm now experiencing a problem where the VNC connection
opens momentarily and I can see the remote screen, but then the
connection fails and on the remote computer I see an error saying:

channel 3: open failed: connect failed: Connection refused

Googling has led me to understand that this is usually associated with
a connection to a port on which no program is listening. I'm having
trouble understanding how this might apply to my current situation,
however. I doubled checked and SSH is still running on the proper
port. Beyond that I'm not sure where the problem might be...

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