Enabling AFS/K5 (ssh 3.8)

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I have this particular network:

- Server AFS + Kerberos V (AFS have NOT authentication service kaserver)
   This server runs DEBIAN STABLE (ssh 3.6, pam_afs_session)
- Server LDAP (naming service)
- 50~70 client linux (gentoo, ssh 3.8)
- One p650 client running AIX 5.2

Now, the clients should authenticate over k5, gaining along with the
ticket, the afs token. I think this is possible with pam_openafs_krb5.so
but I'm not sure. Is it right?

What about the pSeries? How do I enable that?

Last question: how do I enable the ticket and token passing? I mean,
open an ssh session over another machine without passwords, granting
access just with the ticket/token?
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