Editng a text file via PuTTY

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Hello, everyone,

I wish to use PuTTY to edit a text file on a local Windows server from a Windows
client. I have tried using good ol' edit, but to no avail. Is there a FAQ or 'a
Windows beginners guide to using PuTTY as though it were a DOS box' somewhere on
the 'net?


Re: Editng a text file via PuTTY

nospam@thisemailthanx.com (Tim at this Newsgroup) writes:
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PuTTY isn't a text editor, so you're not going to have a lot of luck
editing text files with it.

If you just want to use PuTTY to connect to your Windows server and
issue commands at a command prompt inside PuTTY, you'll need to
install an SSH server on your Windows machine.


Re: Editng a text file via PuTTY

Thanks for the reply, Owen.

As there's no utility to edit files from within PuTTY, I've written my

It's an edlin/sed/vi-like sort-of-clone written in a few lines of awk.

Is it worth making this available (to the PuTTY developers? via
SourceForge?), or is it just me that wants to do this sort of thing?

Cheers, Tim.

Re: Editng a text file via PuTTY

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This is certainly nothing to do with the PuTTY developers; if it's a
program that you can run on a Windows machine which you've logged in
to using SSH, then it won't matter whether your SSH client was PuTTY
or something else. It _might_ be more important what your SSH server
was, but probably that doesn't matter either.

If it were me, I'd just stick it on your own website for the moment,
and if anyone else posts in here wanting a similar thing, give them
the URL and see if they find it useful. No point going through the
SourceForge admin process until you're sure it's going to be worth
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