Duplicate sshd-loginfo - How to configure right?

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I try to configure sshd version OpenSSH_3.7.1p2 that it logs it's info
into a specific logfile instead flooding the standard-message-file
/var/log/messages. I found a posting that suggests to leave sshd_config
at it's default and modify syslog.conf instead. My recent configuration
looks like


LogLevel       INFO
SyslogFacility AUTH


auth.info      /var/log/auth.log

Now it seems that sshd does log authentication-details to
/var/log/auth.log but still keeps on logging to /var/log/messages for I
find the same line in both logfiles. Does someone see at first glance
where I am doing wrong?


Re: Duplicate sshd-loginfo - How to configure right?

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You must also configure syslog to *not* send those messages to /var/log/messages.

  Richard Silverman

Re: Duplicate sshd-loginfo - How to configure right?

Hey Richard,

excellent idea. Logic is tricky ;-) Though I might get off topic I'd
like to complete your answer by posting the last change I had to make
on the very end of my


# save the rest in one file
*.*;mail.none;news.none;auth.!info      /var/log/messages

# sshdlog et al
auth.info                               /var/log/auth.log

That works like it is supposed to. Thanks!

Best regards,


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