Does ssh.exe encrypt SOCKS?

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Doing ssh.exe -D  to create a SOCKS Proxy,  does it involve the SOCKS Proxy
that is created, involve the SSH protocol at all?

Are connections to the SOCKS Proxy encrypted with SSH?

Re: Does ssh.exe encrypt SOCKS?

Am 31.03.12 13:03, schrieb ghand:
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Assume yo have two machines:
S: the server, runs sshd.exe or sshd on linux etc.
C: the client, runs ssh.exe on windows or ssh on linux etc.

Then, on C you run

ssh -D 8080 user@S

and tell your local browser on C to use port 8080 as port for socksproxy.

Now, you search for "" on your local browser on C. What
happens then is:
1) Your local browser asks the local dns-server on C for the IP of
"". The proxy is _not_ used for this in general, but there
may be options to use the proxy for dns lookups. (On my browser, Camino
on OSX, there is a variable "network.proxy.socks_remote_dns" which can
be found under about:config)

2) Your local browser uses the proxy to connect to the IP related to

For this, every information from your browser is fed to the proxyport
8080, where ssh encrypts it and sends the encrypted data to S.

On S, sshd decrpyts the data and feeds the decrypted data to the net.
From "" it looks, as if the request originates from S, not
from C.

3) The answer from "" takes the same way in opposite

So you have encryption from C to S, but not from S to "".
To send encrypted data to "" wouldnt make much sense since
google doesnt know what to do with this data.


Re: Does ssh.exe encrypt SOCKS?

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nor - and this is important - between your browser and ssh on C.

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Actually, all Google services, including plain search, support HTTPS; it
is even the default for logged-in users.

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