Does scp even transfer private key??

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Im having a problem with ssh. And im curious does using scp to transfer
the file from one server to another also copy the private key along
with the public key??
And does it matter for ssh login whether id-rsa is used by one user and
id-dsa is used by another user in the same authorized_keys file???

i.e if one user generated key using rsa and other dsa and both users
append their file to the authorized_keys file does it make the ssh
login to fail?? coz im facing problems with this rite now.

thanks in advance.

Re: Does scp even transfer private key??

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Depends on what specifically you mean by "the file"

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In general, no, if you are using public key authentication, neither of
the keys get transferred in setting up scp to copy a given file.   Say
you initiate an scp from your home to a remote server.  The remote
server, you will have set up to have your public key file in advance
somehow by a secure method.     Successive scp's using public key
authentication  from your home machine to that remote will initiate
auth with your private key on your home machine, and if the public key
on the remote matches, then the scp connection is authenticated.

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It can.  But generally, authorized_keys files are a per-user sort of

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You could be experiencing any number of problems.    Clues to them
will be shown in using the -v flag in your client connections, and
looking at the ssh server's log files.  

Todd H. /

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