Does Roadrunner us dynamic ports?

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I am having trouble setting up an SSH tunnel from work to home. I have
a Roadrunner home account and have my iMac at home communicate with the
cable modem via an Airport.

I am running ssh on port 22 on the iMac, and the is Airport configured
to pass port 22. Since the modem is on all the time, I have a fairly
consistent IP address. I used from home to establish
my home IP address, however I am unable to establish a connection.

I spoke with tech-savvy friend who suggested that Roadrunner is using
dynamic ports -- although the dynamic IP address may remain the same
for long periods, the ports switch for every transaction. The report includes a "Remote Port" number which changes
every time the page is loaded. This would seem to confirm the dynamic
port theory.

Does anyone know if this is the case? Is there a workaround? If you
haven't guessed by now, I'm a newbie at this and don't fully understand
IP communication.

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