Display username and host when prompting for password

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Older versions did display username and hostname when
ssh asks for a password.

Is there a way to get this again?

Version: OpenSSH_3.9p1, OpenSSL 0.9.7d 17 Mar 2004

Background: If you use ssh in ProxyCommand
you don't know which password you need.

Thomas GŁttler, http://www.thomas-guettler.de /

Re: Display username and host when prompting for password

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I assume you're using PAM?  The usual reason for this is that you're
using keyboard-interactive authentication for PAM and the "Password: "
prompt is directly from PAM.  If so, there are two possible options:

a) Configure PAM to provide the host's name in its password prompt

b) Use password authentication instead of keyboard-interactive either
by removing keyboard-interactive from PreferredAuthentications on the
client or by disabling ChallengeResponseAuthentication on the server.

(on OpenSSH 3.7x and 3.8x this would have authenticated without using PAM,
however on 3.9 and up, and 3.6x and below it will use PAM).

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