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In my local network I have three computers.

Say that my external IP address is 12.345.678.90

In order to connect ssh from remote to any of them, I've set a different ssh port on each. Something like 2201, 2202, 2203.

Now, I need to connect ssh -X from any of these computer to a remote server in order to see here the graphics of the applications I'm launching there.

How should I set the DISPLAY on that server in order to make sure that I see the graphics on the computer I connect from?

This does not work:

export DISPLAY=12.345.678.90:0.0


Re: DISPLAY for ssh -X

Am 07.10.13 20:18, schrieb mamboknave@gmail.com:
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I am not sure, what is working for you. Does
ssh -p 2201 12.234.678.90

connect to the corresponding computer? Then there is no need to export a
display. Simply try

ssh -X -p 2201 12.345.678.90 xclock

to run xclock at 12.345.678.90 and have the output on the ssh-client.
Read the man-page about ssh -Y.


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