difficulty setting up SOCKS proxy

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I'm running cygwin, I understand that after setting up sshd, one can do something
ssh.exe -D *:9970  or ssh.exe -D *:9970  and it would
then cause ssh.exe to listen, acting as a SOCKS Proxy.

I'm just setting it up locally. But I want to check it with nmap too so I am
binding it to ip) rather than

I can see it listening but when I try to connect to it I get errors like

Chrome said

Error 130 (net::ERR_PROXY_CONNECTION_FAILED): Proxy server connection failed.

Error 324 (net::ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE): The server closed the connection without
sending any data.

And also, curiously, when I try nmap on it, I do this from another machine,
it says

so, it can't see that it's a SOCKS Proxy.

C:\nmap>nmap -P0 -p9970 -sV
9970/tcp open  unknown


Re: difficulty setting up SOCKS proxy

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ssh -D  might be same as *:9970

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Chrome needed to be told explicitly that it's a SOCKS proxy..
e.g. socks5://  where it asks for an IP..
or as the command line switch
C:\Documents and Settings\name\Local Settings\Application
--proxy-server=" "

chrome://net-internals/#proxy  <-- shows what proxy is set.

As for nmap, it might make assumptions based on port number.. but nmap might
now have a script that can check if a server is a socks proxy.
http://nmap.org/5 /
socks-open-proxy—Checks if an open socks proxy is running on the target.

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