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Is there a way, to determine the correspondig DISPLAY of the remote host
if I have the lokal display, i.e. I login on neptun from saturn. On
neptun the display is set to neptun:10, which is the display on saturn,
can i find it out on neptun?


Re: Determine the corresponding DISPLAY

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Which display do you mean?  There are many displays on neptun.  Display 0
corresponds to VT7, 1 corresponds to VT8, and so on.

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Re: Determine the corresponding DISPLAY

when i use ssh with X-tunneling, ssh dont care for the local display, it
just set up a virtual display on the remote host, tunnels  the X output
through that to the display of the local host.

My problem is, i connect to a cytrix server, from where i use exceed (X
server for windows), to which the display from ssh should be tunnel. THe
IP and the display of the terminalserver is differs from login to login,
and I dont want to look at the log from exeed to know the local ip and
display, so I suppose that ssh knows where the tunnel ends to from the
remote virtual display.

Andrew Schulman schrieb:
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Re: Determine the corresponding DISPLAY

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Still don't get your problem? Why care, X11 forwarding is
transparent you can login through a bunch of systems, X11 will
always be tunneled to the end point, if things are setup probably.

Only things that come to my mind.

- Install a real OS, forget about cytrix/exceed crap
- Please stop top-posting

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