Cygwin / SSHD - Login issues.

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I installed cygwin on a windows 2003 server. Every thing installed
fine and sshd is running, but I am unable to login to the server
through ssh from another computer. I tested ssh'ing out of the
computer and everything works fine. I connect to the computer, I get a
key and I put in my login and password and then the connection just
closes (putty closes the window, ssh says "connection to #### is
closed". I am assuming the passwd file is correct since it takes the
l/p but why is the connection automatically getting dropped? Has
anyone else had this problem? Any ideas?


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I just had the same problem when upgrading sshd to 3.9p1 on some of my
cygwin boxes.  Looked to be related to privilege separation and the sshd
user.  I removed and recreated a few times, uninstalled the service and
re-ran ssh-host-config -y all to no avail.  Finally decided to try
without privilege separation and now it works fine, although not quite
as secure, which bothers me.  There are some other threads describing
problems with this, but none seemed to point to a good solution.  To run
without privilege separation, run ssh-host-config without the -y
parameter.  Answer prompts accordingly, or just take all defaults except
for privilege separation (answer no to this).  Then re-start the sshd
process either via Control Panel, Services, or via Cygwin prompt:
cygrunsrv -S sshd.

Hope this helps.


Re: Cygwin / SSHD - Login issues.

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Apparently sshd + privsep + reexec (on by default in 3.9) tickles a bug in
cygwin itself.  You can disable either of privsep or reexec (run sshd with
a -r option) or use a snapshot[1] of cygwin1.dll which has the bug fixed.

[1] /

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Re: Cygwin / SSHD - Login issues.

Works great! Thank you for your help! (Darren Tucker) wrote in message
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