Cygwin sshd doesn't honor login

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I have succeeded in getting sshd running on my W2K box as a Windows
service. I have no problems logging onto the W2K box via ssh via
public-key authentication.

My problem is that Cygwin sshd doesn't appear to be honoring the login
user's file permissions. Rather, file access is limited to files
accessible by the sshd service logon user (in my case, the local
SYSTEM account). This in spite of the fact that when I print the
environment, all looks as it should for the logged-on user.

This means that whoever logs in to the box via sshd can only access
files and directories owned by SYSTEM or those accessible by "others".

My CYGWIN environment variable is set to "ntsec tty".

Any help for me?


Larry Barnett

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