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I just installed cygwin on Windows XP along with WinX and ssh.  Then I
ssh to a linux system and can type in bash but <enter> doesn't work.  So
I can't do much ;)  What could be affecting this?  I can't find any key
mapping config or anything like that.

I can run vnc, putty, plink and telnet and etc from XP to linux just
fine.  But since I use ssh from linux to linux, thought I'd play with
cygwin and ssh from XP.


Re: Cygwin ssh and

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Are you just using the default cywin shell/dos window to do the ssh?  I
would suggest trying rxvt.exe or a full Xwindows/xterm and ssh from
there.  If you do one of them, does everything work?

I can't stand using the default shell window because of the terminal
interactions.  I always use rxvt.

I've never had a problem with <enter> in that situation, but it's
something to try.  I can't imagine what in openssh might be contributing
to this or not.

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Re: Cygwin ssh and

Darren Dunham wrote:
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I was using xterm, but I figured out it was user screwup when my other
tools (vnc/putty/etc) started showing the same behavior.  I had edited
.inputrc, probably through cygwin, and I guess my editor got confused
about whether it was windows or linux and screwed up the end of line
chars.  I edited it again and saved with unix eol and it's all working now.


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