Cygwin SSH and authorised keys

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I have access to a windows XP box through cygwin SSH.  I can currently login
using a password without any problem.

What do I have to do to be able to log in using keys to make things more
secure.  I need to do this as I have found a key logger on my computer so
all of my passwords could now be known.

I use putty and winscp to connect using SSH 2.

I know I have to copy the key files somewhere but where to and also how do I
create the keys in the first place.


Chris Lewis

Re: Cygwin SSH and authorised keys

Chris Lewis wrote:
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You want to run:


This will generate SSH keys for you. You needn't worry about RSA keys.
Contemporary SSH uses DSA keys.

You will want to password protect your keys, but you needn't. If you do
password protect them, then you will need to use the ssh-agent process
alongside the "keychain" script to manage your SSH keys.

It's not necessarily a trivial thing to swallow when you're hit with all
these details.

The "keychain" utility can be downloaded as part of the Cygwin setup.
You don't get it by default. You will find it under "Utils" when you
expand that. Look down the list and have it installed.

Once you have your DSA private/public key pair. I suggest you do some
reading on the keychain script and ssh-agent: /


Re: Cygwin SSH and authorised keys

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This is misleading.  The SSH protocol requires the ssh-dss key type, so
it's a good idea to have one for maximum compatibility.  However, it also
recommends RSA, most SSH implementations today do both, and historically
there have even been implementations that did only RSA (e.g. PuTTY).

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It might be best to indicate just how good an alternative this is.  As
long he'd also be comfortable putting his login password in a file in his
home directory named MY-PASSWORD.TXT, then sure this is a fine idea.

  Richard Silverman

Re: Cygwin SSH and authorised keys

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(Although even pre-DSA PuTTY would still accept DSA _host_ keys, and
indeed would have been of virtually no use without it; it was only
_generating_ DSA signatures that it was uncomfortable with.)
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