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Hello.  I am trying to use OpenSSH_4.7p1, OpenSSL 0.9.8g which came
with Cygwin
on Windows Vista.

I followed the instructions on sourceforge, and I can indeed do a "cvs
log fred.c" and
get what I want.  However, there are two problems:

1. It always asks for a passphrase, even though I didn't enter a
passphrase. Hitting
enter makes it go away and let me have my data, but I want this
process automated.

2. I can't have an administrator command prompt when I do this.

My CVS_RSH is set to ssh

I tried a variety of things after searching on the internet.

As per sourceforge instructions, I sent them my

I tried copying this file to both authorized_keys and
authorized_keys2, and that had no effect.

I tried replacing my old identity file from another system with my
id_dsa, but that had no effect.

I tried starting "ssh-agent cvs" (which prints cvs info) and then "ssh-
add", which comes back with:
"Could not open a connection to your authentication agent".

I didn't have this problem on my (very, very) old PC.  However, when I
tried copying the .ssh files
from my old PC to my new laptop, I couldn't use CVS to access
sourceforge (it asked for a
password which I didn't remember), which is why I am repeating the

Fear of getting ssh working again was one of the major things holding
me back from upgrading
any software for many years.  I was right to be fearful, but I've run
out of rope now that my old
PC is physically dying (rebooting after a short time, BIOS getting
scrambled, ethernet
connection rarely working).  Fear of gcc (actually newlib) not doing
C89 compiles was another
thing, and that fear also turned out to be well founded - bugs already
reported to newlib.

Any ideas?

Thanks.  Paul.

Re: cygwin open-ssh passphrase

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Problem solved.  I just needed to rename the old Identity to Identityx
and the ssh figured
it out for itself.  Even the administrator prompt works.

Sorry to disturb you.

BFN.  Paul.

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