Cygwin file permissions

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When I use putty to login to my machine at home I can see all the other
users home directories and also the contents of my C drive.  whilst this is
OK for myself I would like to give other remote users access to my machine
but allow them only to be able to see their own home areas and the contents
of one shared folder.  How would I go about this.

This is with cygwin and openssh on windows xp pro BTW.


Chris Lewis

Re: Cygwin file permissions

Chris Lewis wrote:
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This function is often done with a "chroot cage". I'm not sure that's even
feasible under Windows. You can get into setting and manipulating the
ownership of files under Windows to make things more secure, but this way
lies madness: it's easy to break things badly.

Do you really need to give them SSH access, or only the ability to transfer
files back and forth securely? If they only need limited file transfer
capability, you might consider using Apache with WebDAV capability, also
built into CygWin. The Windows users can kind-of-sort-of mount the HTTPS
accessed, WebDAV authorized directories remotely by adding them to their
"Network Neighborhood", and drop and remove files that way with a quite
secure HTTPS transfer protocol.

Re: Cygwin file permissions

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In theory you could use NT/XP security to set 'deny' permissions for
these other users on your drives (e.g. C:\) and 'allow' permissions
for the directories you want them to have access to. Then set their
SSH 'home' directory to one they have 'allow' access to.

As Nico points out - this can get messy.
Remember it's easy to get confused when looking NT permissions from
inside Cygwin.

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