CVS tunnelling problem

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Hi all,
I want to access from my intranet machine to a public net hosted CVS
repository. To do that I need to pass through a lab  machine who has ssh
access to the internet. So thisi is the lab

myPC ----> ws1 ----> internet CVS server

I followed these steps.

CVS_RSH=myscript   where my script do: ssh -p 7777 $*

on ws1
% ssh -f -N -g

Now I have some problems with connection.The connection fails because of DNS
spoofing and ID key changed errors.

- how can I configure ssh (and known_host file) to solve this?
- is this the best way to do CVS tunnelling from my machine?

Thanks in advance.

Re: CVS tunnelling problem

Am Thu, 13 Nov 2003 12:34:34 +0100 schrieb Lione:

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I do SSH over a machine in the middle like this.
You need the following in your ~/.ssh/config on the local
machine: (local --> middle --> remote)

host remote
 User foo (optional)
 ProxyCommand ssh -A user@middle netcat -w 5 %h 22

Now you can scp, rsync, cvs to remote:
  user@local> ssh remote

Hope this helps,

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