cvs serverning error message

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When using cvsnt and putty to do cvs over ssh on Windoze I get the
following warning message on checkout (though the checkout itself is

cvs -Q -z 9 co -P  zlib
' from cvs serverning: unrecognized response `
cvs checkout: warning: unrecognized response
"c:\Program Files\Putty\plink" -1 -l amarlow -i "c:\.ssh\identity" -l
' from cvs servervs server

This sets the exit status to error. My build script checks for a bad
exit status and if set assumes something terrible has gone wrong. So
this warning is causing a problem for me. For the time being I can
disable the check but it would be good if the reason for this warning
could be found. Has anyone else seen this? Any ideas what the cause is


Andrew M.

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