current status of S/key and/or OPIE?

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Looking to set up openssh + s/key on Linux slackware. I have looked
high and low, and what I seem to gather is that the last version of
skey that was distributed was for openbsd around version 1.1.5, but I
can't find the sources for it, anywhere.

OPIE was a replacement for s/key, but by the looks of it, it has been
killed off or something. A dozen or so dead links point to
as the project repository, but that host is gone and appears to have
been so for some time. the last version was around 2.4.x

There are non-open source alternatives. (no thanks), and several
commercial alternatives (no thanks).

Is there something that came after OPIE that took its place? Or can
anyone refer me to a source tarball of skey or opie that is maintained
and builds on Linux?

Thanks in advance!

Re: current status of S/key and/or OPIE?

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If nothing else, you can grab OPIE from the FreeBSD source tree.  There
is a complete copy in contrib/opie (including the autotools bits, though
we don't use them, so they may have rotted).  We've fixed at least two
security holes since the last official release, plus a number of other
bugs (including a couple of non-exploitable buffer overflows and broken
SHA1 support).

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