copssh, WinScp, Tunnelier, Etc.

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Hey All,

I need a secure way to share files with other computers.  I was
directed to copssh and WinScp or Tunnelier.

I'm having a couple of issues.  First, the copssh service which
appears to have been installed does not match that as stated during
the copssh service.  The service I have is Openssh SSHD but during
installation it said it would be SvcCopSSH or something like that.

Second, OK, I've installed copssh... now what?  I looked through
documentation but I see nothing regarding ports, passwords, etc.

Third, with the WinScp documentation, it's similar.  It doesn't tell
you where these numbers and passwords are to come from.

The above said, where does one obtain the IP address / Host name for
the client application and what credentials are required?



Re: copssh, WinScp, Tunnelier, Etc.

On error in the original message:  "during the copssh service" should
read "during the copssh installation"

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Re: copssh, WinScp, Tunnelier, Etc. wrote:
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scp is *NASTY* for managing an upload space. Without considerable work, it
does not provide even a chroot cage to contain the upload or sharer's access
to the rest of the sysetm. I don't recommend it.

OpenSSH does support sftp with a built-in chroot cage, which is helpful. If
you'd like something built into Windows, and with a better graphical
interface, you might consider using Apache with WebDAV to access things
through the 'Network Neighborhood'. I've used it quite successfully for
standard HTTPS viewing and download, and WebDAV/HTTPS upload through the
Network Neighborhood to edit web pages and drop files.

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