connecting via. port fforwarding

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In my branch office around 200kms away we have poor dynamic
connectivity and that too via. a windows box (Linux drivers are not
available). So, the scene is like this,
Linux Application Server --> Windows --> Internet
Now I may want to log on to the Linux machine for troubleshooting work,
so I believe that ssh port forwarding can help me there to connect to
Now can I have the tunnel opened from that machine (to my friend's
server with fixed IP) permanently? Our application server is halted
everyday at 6:00 pm and started in morning. The windows server may or
may not start before it does.
Can someone suggest some ssh (or otherwise) trick for me to get inside
the Linux box easily. I am the only person in my company knowing Linux
and having root password of that machine.
Thanks in advance.
With warm regards,

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