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Hi All,

I have been trying to connect to my server through a proxy server at
the office.

I am able to connect to the machine remotely using SSH.  I have set my
ADSL modem to forward port 22 to the machine.  I am also running a
webserver on port 8080 and a few pages on 8091 and 8092.  There is
also ajaxterm running under the a SSL connection on 443.  All these,
except for the SSH, run fine from behind the office proxy.

These are the things I have tried.

plain SSH connection - fails (works when not behind proxy)
forward 443 to 22 on ADSL.  - fails   (works when not behind proxy)
forward various http ports - fails    (works when not behind proxy)

I have also tried using putty http proxy thing, and also corkscrew
under cygwin.  I have also tried using http tunnel.  With all of those
none of my logs on my server show any sort of connection being
attempted.  It appears that the office proxy/firewall is stopping any
ssh packets.

I have followed all the documentation and stuff found on the net, but
still can't seem to get this thing working properly.  Anybody have any
ideas or tests to try to find out what is happening?


Re: Connecting through proxy server

OK. I solved this problem, and thought I would just put an update for
those interested.

Isn't it always the way after struggling and search for 2 weeks, you
find the solution right after you make a post?

Essentially this is what I tried.

telnet to proxy server and typed in this "connect
<port>"  and found out that only port 443 allows the connect.  I then
setup port forwarding on my home box to go from port 443 to 22.  This
directed all my 443 traffic to the ssh daemon.

Then, with putty I set it up to go via the proxy to port 443.  Setup
the timeout to keep alive after 26 secs, setup all my tunnels and its
all golden now.

Found the answer through this link:

all credit to:  hasenhei


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