confusing dynamic port forwarding problem

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I have got a linuxbox and a laptop running OS X. To read mail with
thunderbird on my laptop not only at home, but also when i am outside, i
would like to use ssh in the following way:

In thunderbird i configure a socks 5 proxy as

Now, without starting ssh thunderbird can not connect to the mailserver.
But when i use
ssh -D 8088 localhost

this works as i expect.

At home i can also use
ssh -D 8088 homelinux

where homelinux is the dynamic ipadress of my linuxbox at home. This
works too but is unnecessarily complicated.

From the outside i try
ssh -D 8088 homelinux

now, something confusing is happening: I get a ssh-connection to my
linuxbox at home, but thunderbird can not connect to the mailserver. It
is simply timed out. The same happens when i use Psi (a Jabber client)
and configure it to use port 8088 as socksproxy. Maybe there is
something i misunderstand in the concept of using ssh as socks proxy?

I hope, my english is not to bad for you to understand my problem. Thank
you for any hint.

Re: confusing dynamic port forwarding problem

i found the origin of the problem.

In the outside network where i tried to connect to my mailserver, there
was no dnsserver and the outgoing dns-port closed. So the question is,
what the best way to solve this problem is. I could
- write the adress to my /etc/hosts file (works, but is this good?)
- tunnel port 53 (does it work?)


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