Conflict with Pageant and Pam Authentication

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I use Putty and Pageant on a 64-bit Windows 7 Pro OS to connect over ssh
to a Debian 7.x OS on the LAN. One of the settings in "sshd_config" is
UsePAM yes (or no). When I have this set to "yes", I get an error when
trying to use Pageant, saying to the effect that "there is no valid
authentication method available".

When I have UsePAM set to yes and I try the connections while using
Putty configured with the key identified in particular at "Private key
file for authentication" in the Auth Panel, Putty does properly prompt
for the key's passphrase, and it does so regardless of whether Pageant
is running with the keys available. However, without UsePAM set to "no",
Pageant is unable to allow the connection automatically.

This problem occurs on two different Debian systems configured similarly
in most respects on the LAN.

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