Comparison between PuTTY and F-Secure

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I have used PuTTY in a number of situations that require SSH access from
Windows systems, but not in a secure corporate environment. Our
corporate standard is F-Secure, and not PuTTY.

I was wondering if there have been any security, ease-of-use, or other
qualitative comparisons performed between PuTTY and F-Secure. How secure
is PuTTY as compared to F-Secure? How reliable?

Can anyone point me in the right direction?
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Re: Comparison between PuTTY and F-Secure


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PuTTY is free, I've been using it for years.  Simon Tathan only releases
PuTTY from his own site, for security.  While the setup dialogs are a
little clunky, the program works without fuss here on localnet as well
as being my 'window to the world' for many years while using a remote
account on an IRIX-64 box.

I cannot make the comparison you ask, I have no reason to seek a different
ssh client (ssh is built into linux terminal session) -- using PuTTY since
last century.

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Re: Comparison between PuTTY and F-Secure

Grant wrote:
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Same here. Can't make a comparison because I've never used F-secure, but
I've been using PuTTY in a "secure corporate environment" for years.
Frankly, I trust the open source community more than the big
corporations. I'd be afraid they might have some back door into their
products especially since they tend to keep the source code secret.
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