Client SSH in Solaris

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Hi all,

My problem is, i can use client SSH to ssh solaris server from windows
client but i can not ssh solaris server from another solaris server.

I installed OpenSSH 4.0p1 for Solaris 8 + patch 112438-03.
I can SSH (ssh + sftp) the server from windows station, all work fine.
SSHD is started with parameter -f /<...>/ssh_config

I use some options in "ssh_config" like Banner or PrintMotd...

i can't use client ssh from solaris to solaris servers and i have this
errors message :

[root@MyServer1:>/usr/local/bin/ssh user1@MyServer2
/usr/local/etc/ssh_config: line 47: Bad configuration option: Subsystem
/usr/local/etc/ssh_config: line 54: Bad configuration option:
/usr/local/etc/ssh_config: line 55: Bad configuration option: PrintMotd
/usr/local/etc/ssh_config: line 56: Bad configuration option: Banner
/usr/local/etc/ssh_config: terminating, 5 bad configuration options

I don't know why client ssh in Solaris need to read ssh_config file which is
used by SSHD !?
When i comment options, i can use client ssh from solaris to solaris server.

In the all cases, i can use client ssh from windows client to solaris

Do you know why ?

Thank You very much for your help

Best Regards

Re: Client SSH in Solaris

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Sshd is supposed to use sshd_config; ssh is supposed
to use ssh_config

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It's supposed to use ssh_config; you should use sshd_config for
the server.

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Re: Client SSH in Solaris

so, ssh_config is auto-used by ssh client

Thanks a lot for your help Casper !!

Best Regards

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