Change in X11 forwarding behaviour with OpenSSH 4.2p1

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there is a change in the behaviour of the X11 forwarding between versions
4.1 and 4.2. With 4.2 the following construct does not work any more:

[fuchur] ~ % ssh -f fuchur 'xterm &'
[fuchur] ~ % xterm Xt error: Can't open display: localhost:10.0

I know this example is a bit stupid. But the problem really shows up at
the following example:

[fuchur] ~ % ssh -f fuchur $script

where $script looks like this:

xterm &

Very often you cannot simply modify $script and therefor have to login and
start a shell before being able to launch $script.

I think this is related to the following entry in Changelog:

- OpenBSD CVS Sync
  - (djm) [auth-pam.c sftp.c] spaces vs. tabs at start of line
    - 2005/07/17 06:49:04
      [channels.c channels.h session.c session.h]
      Fix a number of X11 forwarding channel leaks:
      1. Refuse multiple X11 forwarding requests on the same session
      2. Clean up all listeners after a single_connection X11 forward, not
         the one that made the single connection
      3. Destroy X11 listeners when the session owning them goes away
      testing and ok dtucker@

Should it be considered as a bug?


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Re: Change in X11 forwarding behaviour with OpenSSH 4.2p1

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There's a patch attached to the bug which should fix it; please test and
(this is important) report your findings.  One-off tests are OK, thorough
tests (eg "we used it on our dev boxes for N days/weeks") are better.

Often patches do not get applied due to insufficient testing (or lack
of reports, which is indistiguishable from the developers' point of view).

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