Cannot Get X11 Forwarding to Work via SSH

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I am having problems getting X Forwarding to work via an SSH tunnel
from my Mandrake 10.1 Linux box to my Windows XP Pro box.

I have installed sshd and updated sshd.conf in /etc/ssh/ so that:
X11Forwarding yes
X11DisplayOffset 10

The X server is started on the linux box.

I have installed Cygwin/X on the XP box, following the directions
there to get X11 running and openSSH running on the XP machine. I can
successfully ssh to the linux machine, and I connect using the -X ssh

BTW, Mandrake was installed with the 'paranoid' option and the
firewall is running. Not sure if that makes a difference as I
understand X11 uses ports on localhost address.

Once connection is made (I did start X on the XP box first), I try
running an X program (such as xterm or kedit) and get an error message
like "Unable to connecto to X server".

I did notice that on the linux machine when I ssh, there is no DISPLAY
env var set. I have tried setting it manually to localhost:10.0 and to
machinename:10.0 but neither works. I am thinking this is part of the
problem. Shouldn't this variable be set automatically?

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I am fairly new
to Linux and have not been able to find any answers though Googling on
X Forwarding SSH that solve my problem.


Re: Cannot Get X11 Forwarding to Work via SSH (Brian Boorman) wrote:
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Two things.
1) Ensure that you have xauth installed.  This is what sets up the
DISPLAY variable for remote logins.
2) You need to use the -X flag with ssh to have the DISPLAY variable
transported across the connection.  If you don't use -X, DISPLAY is not

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Re: Cannot Get X11 Forwarding to Work via SSH

  Richard Silverman

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