Cannot disconnect using PuTTY's psftp.exe

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I have made my connection successfully, and I can do anything in the
program (in the command line) that it claims to be able to do - except
disconnect.  That includes using quit, exit, and close.  It simply
hangs without any output.  It closes when I break the program or close
the prompt, but I am not sure if, at that point, it gracefully
disconnects from the server (and I don't know if I can determine if it
has).  Any help someone could offer would be much appreciated.  Thanks.

Re: Cannot disconnect using PuTTY's psftp.exe

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We've had one other report of this, and several others of PSFTP hanging
/ munching CPU at other times.

How are you launching PSFTP? Some of our other hangs appear to be
correlated with launching it from a shortcut (for instance, from the
Start Menu), and don't occur when it is launched from cmd.exe. (Also,
what version of Windows are you using?)

Re: Cannot disconnect using PuTTY's psftp.exe

I am launching PSFTP from cmd and from python, and it does the same
thing.  I am on XP SP2.  Thanks for the reply.

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