Can't see output in SSH

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I am having problems with seeing output from a program using SSH.

I need to pass in a script to execute.  Inside the script, an
executable program is called, which starts up an interactive
data-entry session with the user (display question, read input, rinse,

If I use putty from the command line without calling the script, I get
my prompt, and can run the script and see the program execute just
fine.  But if I pass in a command file with the script in it, the
script still executes, it displays output from the script just fine,
and runs the executable, but the output from the executable is not
displayed on my screen immediately.

It can still accept input.. I can I can respond to prompts I know are
there, and it will accept and respond to my keystrokes.. but I never
see the output, UNTIL the executable finishes, as which point all the
output that it produced flashes briefly in the window before the
window closes.

I am seeing identical behavior using MindTerm's SSH java client which
I have integrated into a java application.  The window comes up and
displays shell output fine, but the executable's output isn't shown
until it's in the process of closing the window when it completes.

Again, with either putty or mindterm, if I don't pass in the command
to execute, I get my UNIX prompt, and I can type in the command to
start the script, and I see and can interact with the executable just
fine.  It's only when I pass in the script to run that I can't see the
executable's output.

What am I missing?  I need to have this dynamic; having to type in the
command at the prompt each time is not an option.  Please help!

my putty command line that works but I have to type in the command:

c:\putty.exe.lnk -ssh -t -l <user> -pw <pw> -2 <host>

The other one I tried that won't display the executable output:

c:\putty.exe.lnk -ssh -t -l <user> -pw <pw> -2 -m c:\cmdfile <host>
where "c:\cmdfile" is a text file containing the path to the UNIX
script to run.

I'd much rather use MindTerm since I've already integrated the
BasicClient into my application, as I don't really want to have 50
different "cmdfile"s on my drive for the many different commands I
will be running, so though I appreciate any help on either putty or
mindterm, information to help me get mindterm working would be



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