can't find xterm on mac os x

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I can't seem to find the xterm app on my gf's MAC OS X(10.4.8).. It
used to be in applications, utilities but now there is only a term and
now xterm applicaton.. When I try to install from the Mac site, it
says I cannot install because I already have a newer version
installed.  Any suggestions on this??


Re: can't find xterm on mac os x

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Install the additional packages.


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Re: can't find xterm on mac os x

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xterm should NEVER be in /Applications.  It's in a relatively common
location for X11 tools, /usr/X11R6/bin/xterm.

The X11 window server, on the other hand, should be installed on your
system as /Applications/Utilities/  If it doesn't live there,
make sure that the X11 system is installed.  From a terminal window
(including on the affected Mac OS X system ...

    $ ls -ld /Library/Receipts/X11User.pkg

You should see something like this:

    drwxrwxr-x   3 root  admin  102 Jan  2 15:17 /Library/Receipts/X11User.pkg

If you see "No such file or directory", the X11 package is probably not
installed, or some doofus removed the receipts package for it.

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