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I noticed the following strange behaviour when using PuTTY:

When logging in to an IRC server straight from the client, all works as
However, when I log in using an SSH tunnel from my laptop to an
internet-server which redirects the data to the actual IRC server, my
username at the IRC-server is *not* the gaimusername as I would expect, but
it receives the username I use to log into the shellserver.

Bug or feature? I would expect that the IRCserver would still use the
gaimuser, not the shelluser.
Why this behaviour?
Is it possible to change this behaviour?


Situation A: straight forward IRC usage:
laptop (username: xpuser) -- gaim (username: gaimuser) -- IRCserver
(username: GAIMuser)

situation B: IRC usage over SSH tunne
laptop (username: xpuser) -- gaim (username: gaimuser) -- PuTTY
SSH-tunnel -- shell-server (username: shelluser) -- IRCserver (username:

laptop: Windows XP Pro SPI
gaim: v0.77 (gaim.sourceforge.net) = IRC client
putty: v0.54    localhost:6667 => shell_server => irc_server:6667
shell server: FreeBSD 4.7-RELEASE-p21
IRC server: ?


Re: bug or feature: username putty tunnel

Perhaps the IRC server is using IDENT.

  Richard Silverman

Re: bug or feature: username putty tunnel

IDENT? I am not familiar with that
anyway I thought SSH tunneling was transparent for all traffic.


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Re: bug or feature: username putty tunnel

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Read RFC1413.

It is (apart from the source address, obviously), but your tunnelled
connection to your IRC server is causing it to make a connection back
to the SSH server's Ident service.  That connection is not tunnelled.

If you could add a remote forward of port 113 with GatewayPorts=yes
(which requires that it's not already listening on that port, and that
you have root privilege on the SSH server) you can tunnel ident too,
although that will mess up ident for the other users of the SSH server.
If you don't have root, then you're pretty much stuck with how it is.

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