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Is there any way that can detect random ssh login attempts and
blacklist (temporarily or permanently) the IP address after X

What I'd like to do is block a particular IP address if there are more
than, say, 5 attempted logins from nonexistent usernames, and more
than 10 failed logins from existent usernames.

I've been searching web and find nothing.
Thank you for your help,

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This generally isn't done because locking your boss out of the netwok
after he mistypes his password 5 times in a row is usually a career-
limiting move. Locking yourself out of a system colocated 500 miles
away is even worse.

Also because depending on your setup you may want to lock them out
in /etc/hosts.deny, in firewall rules, or both.

It can be scripted easily enough with e.g. swatch and perl.

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Re: Block IP

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Any samples of script? Anyway I would like to know if there is an
option in configuration files of sshd to block certain IP ?

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Not that I can think of. They really really should have put Host *
blocks in sshd_config.

And no, I don't have a script sample.

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If your platform has PAM and your SSH implementation supports it, you
can use a pam module (eg pam_tally or pam_abl) to implement this.

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Re: Block IP

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    Since I have a similar problem I would like to ask: Would it not be
possible for you to use the AllowUsers or DenyUsers keywords in the sshd
configuration file? I guess that if you have hundreds of legitimate user
names, possible changing on a regular basis, this might not be
appropriate. But, if this is not your case, maybe using those keywords
will work for you.

Re: Block IP

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Just remember that what ever you do, an IP address does not always equal a
person and can cause headaches for other uses, and they may have no idea
what caused it. wrote:

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Re: Block IP

That's true, however if you're getting bad behaviour from that IP then I
suspect the admin of that machine might have bigger headaches than you
blocking access to your machine.

For the OP; yes you can detect these ssh attempts. A combination of some
scripting language and your logs is a perfect way to stop such attacks.

One caveat though,  make sure you don't go and ban your own set of IPs. :]


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