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Hi folks.  I propose a question, and I can't decide what the best
solution is, as I don't have the resources to test as of right now.

I have some equipment, some running NT4, some running Linux, others
running Windows 98.  This equipment may range from 5 pieces to
possibly 50 or more.  I also have a Win2k server.  There is data I
need to get from the machines and put on the machines very often
(every 2 - 15 minutes) to and from the server.  I have already decided
that I need an SSHV2 protocol, as the data being transferred is
sensitive.  Assuming money is not an issue, which is more feasible:
A. Place SSH server software on the Win2k server, and have all
machines contact the server via SSH clients installed on them.  B.
Place SSH server software on each of the machines, and place the
client on the Win2k server, having it contact each of the machines.

Assuming I go with choice A, different configurations need to be
applied to each machine such as times to connect and send/recieve
data, worries about bogging down the normal functions of the machines
when trying to connect to an SSH server every 2 minutes or so, etc...

With choice B, I'm not really sure, as I can't test the possibilities.
 I'm worried about how much of the resources will be used with the
machines constantly waiting for connections.  I'm worried that the
Win2k server may have difficulty in contacting multiple machines
through one SSH client (even if I open multiple sessions at the same

Could someone list the pros and cons of each, and what they think is
the best choice?  Any comments would be very appreciated.


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