Behavior of PuTTY pscp recursive directory copy different from that of scp?

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I have the two following files on PC (Windows XP SP3) and want to copy
the entire "temp" directory to a server (Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4)
using pscp from PuTTY 0.60:


Scenario 1: if there is a trailing slash (or backslash) in the source
path, only the content of "temp" is copied:

C:\>pscp -r temp/ michael@

On the server:


Scenario 2: if there is no trailing slash in the source path, the
entire "temp" is copied:

C:\>pscp -r temp michael@

On the server:


Doing a similar action from a Linux machine to the same server, with
or without the trailing slash, the result of scenario 2 is obtained.

Is this a bug in pscp, or is the effect of the -r switch

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