Batchmode and scp

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I have about 500 servers, a mixture of Sun/Solaris and Red Hat that I
need to collect user information off of.  Telnet, FTP and rsh are all
turned off, so I have to use ssh and scp to collect this information.

I want to write a shell script that will hit each server and copy off
the information.  None of the servers had been setup with keys, so I
have to provide a password for authentication.  I've thought of using
Expect, but I am not familiar with it or with TCL, and don't really
have time to get up to speed.  I would much rather write a shell script
to do the job.  I think that "Batchmode" will do the job for me, but I
still have to provide a password for authentication.

How can I setup SSH/SCP to pass a password when authenticating in

Thank you.

Daryl Rose

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