bad client public DH value

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   1. C generates a random number x (1 < x < q) and computes
      e = g^x mod p.  C sends e to S.

I set x to 2 and get a "bad client public DH value" error from the
server.  Since 1 < 2 and 2 < q it doesn't seem like I should be
getting that error?

Re: bad client public DH value

What's your p value, and did you perhaps make a typo and really
mean that you set *g* to 2?  If so, maybe this is the reason: in

   /* if g==2 and bits_set==1 then computing log_g(dh_pub) is
   trivial */
   if (bits_set > 1)
      return 1;

   logit("invalid public DH value (%d/%d)", bits_set,
   return 0;

  Richard Silverman

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