autossh and ppp connection issue?

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I notice that when I attempt to forward ports using autossh over a ppp
cellular modem connection, that autossh will lose the link within a
few (typically less than 10) minutes, and get a couple of connection
refusal errors on before resuming connection.
Eventually, I reach the limit of AUTOSSH_MAXSTART, and autossh exits.
The ppp connection remains up the whole time.  I do not see this when
I just use ssh with ServerAliveInterval and ServerAliveCountMax, nor
do I see it when I use autossh over a LAN (eth0) connection.

Does anyone know of any issues with autossh and pppd?  I am unable to
find any documentation on autossh besides the README and man pages,
and I couldn't find a forum for autossh.

I would just use ssh, but as mentioned in a previous post, ssh does
not detect a lost connection while streaming data (possible bug for my
version of OpenSSH and kernel: )
while autossh does (with AUTOSSH_LOGLEVEL=6, and a specified log


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