Automatically forwarding from sshd server to an application on same box

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I'm just getting my feet wet with SSH and need a little info if you please.

We currently have an application that is behaving like a telnet server
on a windows computer that is connected to via RF guns running a telnet
client.  This client can be setup to use SSH; however, our application
does not have kind of SSH encryption built into it at the moment and I'm
really trying to avoid that.

I have been playing around with Putty on a laptop and creating a port
forwarding connection from the laptop to a linux box running sshd and
our application.  The forwarded connection goes to our application.  I
can then run another Putty session on the laptop to this forwarded port
on the laptop and I get a nice encrypted connection to our application
running on the linux box.

The problem is I do not believe the RF guns have the ability to create
this initial port forwarding tunnel.

So here's my question.  Can the sshd server be setup in such a way that
when a connection is made to it, it will then begin forwarding data to
our application similar to the way the port forwarding works with the
client software?


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